a Happy Woman
and begin
to truly enjoy
life in two months already!

The work I do with each one of you is 100% individual! It will be a full reboot and healing.
We will determine the causes of your failures together, remove your fears, traumas,
and karmic blocks step by step, and begin to create your Successful Reality!
Prepare to embrace your new and sincere Self in 8 weeks!

If we were taught since childhood to be a Woman,
to accept and to love ourselves,
to express our emotions bravely,
this would help us in life much more than any school subject.

Are these feelings familiar to you?

  • You are strong and intelligent, you can take care of yourself, but you rarely feel completely relaxed and happy.
  • Constant stress and inner tension have become habitual for you.
  • It seems you haven’t succeeded as a woman. You lack emotional intimacy, love, your man’s support and attention in the relationship with your partner.
  • It is difficult for you to speak frankly about your fears and worries with your near and dear ones, you are left with a feeling that they don’t understand you.
  • The feeling of your own inferiority and the thoughts that something is wrong with you, the self chastising keep gnawing at you from inside, and your lack of self-confidence only grows.
  • You don’t feel really feminine… You don’t believe that you deserve to be loved, that you can be a Woman that a man would want to take care of.
  • Your financial difficulties never end. Your attempts to start a business of your own or to engage in your favorite occupation do not lead to any success, or are just dreams.
  • The relationships with your partners don’t work out, you are constantly disappointed, your expectations don’t match reality. Your husband doesn’t hear you, or is unfaithful towards you. Or your relationships end in a couple of months
  • You have total distrust towards men. The feeling that they always manipulate you and never hear you takes increasingly deeper root in your mind.
  • You have already consulted psychologists and all sorts of experts, you watch videos with recommendations on YouTube, but this brings no result, all you are left with is disappointment

You would like to change something in your life but it doesn't work.

Loving yourself, feeling at ease — this isn't a whim, or hard work, or a privilege for the few.
It's like breathing, eating or sleeping — natural state of mind for a Woman! This love can be sensed by others.
This is so because there is no clear structure, and no understanding of the main thing. To take several gulps of air doesn't yet mean to breathe freely.
Chaotic search for information from different sources will hardly be of any help for you.
You should begin with the little girl inside you, with your fears and worries, and study the basics, gradually turning into a REAL HAPPY WOMAN!

Watch this video!

I’ve succeeded at improving the lives of many women, and I’m sure that I will be able to help you. You will get to know your true feelings, heal your past, find harmony in your present, and learn to enjoy the life with your near and dear ones in love and joy. I believe in this with all my heart, and have witnessed such “transformations” many, many times.

All you need is a simple step-by-step plan! Unique techniques for working with the subconscious, which will change you and your life!

When does a happy relationship remain just a dream?

When there is quiet sabotage of your own happiness...

Many women have no model of harmonious family life. Neither their parents and neither their grandparentshad one, unfortunately. At the subconscious level, we don’t want such a relationship but we don’t want to be alone either. As a result, our fears drag us exactly to this very type of relationships, the path has not been fully traveled and the experience has not been fully gained, our program and our behavior don’t change, we have no idea of a different, happier family life.

In your childhood, you weren't taught to love yourself as you are...

You were picked on, suppressed, and loved and praised only when you tried hard. The little girl inside you understood that she would be loved only when she was obedient and perfect. And she decided, “Being myself is bad, and I must not love the real me, it’s dangerous, I must be what others want me to be.” And she also decided that love always has to be “deserved”.

You were not allowed to express your sincere emotions...

You were prohibited to express your opinion, to take decisions, your feelings were not respected. And you have very well learned to suppress your emotions, to keep silence or to tell lies. This has led to many tensions, diseases, and the desire to be “only a good girl”. But the more lies there are in your life in relation to yourself, the less warmth and sincerity there is in it — you already know this.

You don't have a clear understanding of the man's and woman's nature...

Nobody can teach you this anywhere in the life. And your bad experiences in the past may bring in the additional fear of failure and the false belief that happiness is possible but it isn’t for everybody… Your partner may want to really love you but your program forces him to treat you exactly the way you treat yourself…

With my tried-and-true techniques you will:

Feel real love for yourself, and never want to betray yourself again. This love will be sensed by others.

Discard all the imprints of guilt, other people’s accusations, your disapproval of yourself and other people’s disapproval of you, non-acceptance.

Get free of endless fears, anxieties, subconscious blocks, and generic programs.

Learn to easily accept yourself and others, to be your different self.

Be able to see and understand your children not only as a mother but as a close friend.

Improve your health and wellness, be filled with joy, begin to radiate your good mood and feminine energy.

Experience full relaxation and the feeling of happiness, become the kind of a woman that everybody will want to be close to.

Begin to attract feminine happiness and luck like a magnet.

Turkan Gasımova

A loving and loved woman and mom.

  • A practicing expert in the sphere of working with the emotions and the subconscious mind.
  • Master Hypnotherapist and Regressologist.
  • Holistic Mind Therapy Practitioner.
  • Life and Success Coach.
  • Zen practitional. İntroduction to meditation the master of the mind.
  • A writer.
  • Book: CHANCE – to start a new life. How to make a conscious choice.
  • The creator of the “PATH TO HAPPINESS” Project.
  • The author of the “IDAMIND” unique healing system.

Begin to change your destiny right now!

Video lectures on relationships




You have EVERYTHING you need for manifesting feminine happiness into your life!

You are one step away from success and ease into your relations with yourself and others!

Take a 8-week training and coaching course for women with individual consultation sessions



1 Be able to study at a convenient time! The sessions are held online and individually. Participation is possible from anywhere in the world.

2Receive thrilling and useful personal tasks after each individual session with me.

3Begin to notice substantial changes in their life during the course already.

4Have access to all of my paid materials which you can keep forever afterwards.

5Get answers for all their questions — you will feel as if you are led by the hand all the time.

6By the end of the course, form new skills of implementing all the practices and life hacks. You will change!






    What will the training include?


    You will have 8 weeks to gradually (this is important) change your life and the relationships you have in it. I will give you everything that is necessary for a happy relationship. These are not mere words but thoroughly planned and concrete step-by-step actions, instructions — what you must do to enjoy the life in your new destiny.


    Every week you will have an individual session with me where you will begin to get rid of your fears, emotional charges, suppressed feelings, and limiting programs that prevented you from being happy in the present. After each session you will receive a personal task to fulfill before the next session, with consideration for your current condition. In this way, you will be able to learn to live in a new way in a stress-free manner, within the lesson you have learned.


    My materials and instructions during the course will help you acquire new skills every time: how to be happy, how to think and behave outside the classes. You will gradually absorb new knowledge, programming your subconscious mind for happy life, love, success and prosperity in the future.


    Simultaneously, you will have access to a private chatroom on Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram where you will be able to ask any question on the subject of the training and receive a timely detailed answer.

    Here is what expects you during the 8-week coaching course in healing for women


    Getting rid of your past traumas

    Objective: healing the childhood period, the perinatal period, getting rid of fears and blocks that used to prevent you from building a happy life and being your true self:

    – the feeling of guilt

    – the underlying subconscious failure to forgive yourself, your parents and other people who could have had a negative impact on the course of your destiny and left a heavy subcounscious emotional charge and consequences

    – the inner lack of self-confidence

    – fears of disapproval, of failure, of punishment for making a mistake, of being unable to do something; for your future, your children; fear of your loved one’s unfaithfulness, of growing old, of death, fear for your life, etc.

    – the feeling that you are unworthy and not good enough

    – the feeling of embarrassment to yourself and others

    – disappointments

    – limiting and generic programs

    – false beliefs

    – complexes, inhibitions, tensions, internal and external limitations

    Gaining self-confidence

    Objective: to accept yourself, to feel internally and externally self-sufficient, to forgive yourself for all the past and present mistakes, to see your internal and external merits, to love yourself as you are. You will strengthen the feelings of:

    – joy

    – freedom of self-expression

    – the value of yourself, your achievements, your merits

    – gratitutude to yourself and the world

    – freedom to finally “be yourself”

    – desire to dream of greater things

    – relaxation

    – a clear vision of yourself in the future

    Reviving your femininity

    Objective: to sense a Woman inside you who creates her own reality, does what her heart, body and soul desire, while having respect from the people around her and love from her near and dear ones. Such a woman comprises the following:

    – internal and external self-sufficiency

    – self-confidence

    – good health

    – ability to attract money

    – to inspire her man

    – to sense her man’s respect and love

    – to raise happy children

    – to create her own reality

    – to be able to realize her potential on a greater scale

    – to help people

    – to enjoy the life

    Harmonizing your relationships

    Objective: getting ready to accept an efficient model for your relationships which your ancestors and the society didn’t have, getting rid of all the blocks that hinder your interaction with the partner and understanding each other:

    – grievances against your father and mother as the first representatives of the family relations’ experience, if they both were unhappy in their marriage

    – grievances against the men in your previous relationships, completion of the experience you had with them in the past

    – the old blocks and the ancestors’ traditions which used to limit your sincerity in communication

    – your fears related to the sexual experience, and sabotage of getting pleasure

    – the tension in understatements, suspicions, delusions, false expectations

    – your subconscious sabotage of your own happiness.

    Creating the model of your future

    Objective: we will find out the strong points of your couple (or your future relationship) and create the best image of your family where all of its members are happy and respect one another:

    – you will learn the man’s and woman’s nature

    – you will learn about the basic needs in love without satisfying which neither a man nor a woman will be able to be happy in their partnership

    – you will understand how to teach the man to respect your feelings, and will learn to trust him

    – you will gain the feeling of clarity and understanding how to interact and get pleasure in the partnership

    – if you have children you will become a true friend for them because all the exercises, transformations and knowledge you gain from the training will have an impact on your relations with them, and you will begin to communicate with them in a new manner

    Managing the present

    Objective: to acquire new skills for solving family issues that will help you settle conflicts and provide a favorable outcome for any events.

    You will get the following new instruments:

    – how to interact with your partner based on an agreement between two loving people

    – how to prevent a conflict before it emerges

    – how to learn to pay attention to positive things and to being grateful, instead of concentrating on negative things

    – how to live with the feeling of gratutide for any kind of experience, even if it is negative

    – how to see your partner as a loving soul that teaches us lessons and wishes to assist us in our development.

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    My Book

    to start a new life
    How to make a conscious decision.

    The participants of the training course
    will have free access to these books — as a


    I began my journey as a regressologist, psycho-emotional trauma specialist and holistic medicine expert in 2014. After a difficult changes in my lıfe I started by creating a new self. There was a difficult path to Zen practices, numerous “rebirths” and vipasana practices, schools of Zen masters, active and passive meditations. I was literally making myself anew by picking up the pieces. The growth of spirit and willpower reprogrammed all my inner attitudes, which were inhibiting me and attracted all my fears. When I was going through the levels of Zen awareness, my teacher gave me the sacred name IDA PREM, corresponding to the meaning of my chosen mission in life. My name since birth has been Turkan Gasımova, which I also like very much.

    The next stage of becoming myself was hypnotherapy schools in the United States, regressology, relationship coaching, working with the inner child, working with emotions and the subconscious. My life was divided into before and after. That was when I found myself and became what I had consciously chosen to become. Now by sharing my experience I am introducing everything that I myself have gone through and that really works. Thanks to this chance you have an opportunity not to lose time and money in search of the necessary information; I give you the very source of healing.

    As I practiced, conducted seminars and individual healing courses, as well as worked with the subconscious mind, I began to write this book, which you are now holding in your hands. I really wanted to share this experience and shed a small ray of light into your life that will make you even more aware and help you get to know yourself better. I tried to make it as simple as possible, removing all unnecessary fillers. So that you can understand it easily and use the techniques described inside. There are so many books on psychology and self-development, but many of them are too hard to remember. In my book, however, I wanted to convey in an easy and accessible way the things that will change your life quickly.

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